Millennials and Phone Messages

One of the traits of Millennials that I find I’m “suffering” from is their seeming lack of checking phone messages before returning your call.

Let me explain: My job quite often requires me to answer questions about the various programs at the college. Having been around the block a few times I know that the more interaction you have with someone the better chance of completely understanding one another. Face-to-face is better than over the phone, which is better than email, which is better than texting, and so on.

When I do make a phone call and have to leave a message with Millennials though I am finding quite often (I’d say 1/3 of the time) that they do not bother listening to the message; they just return the call and say “did you call?”

Now I think I’m pretty good at leaving a message with just enough detailed information without taking up too much time. Quick facts and/or questions in a congenial fashion. But it doesn’t matter whether I’m initiating the conversation and asking for information, or (and more infuriating) returning a call to leave information. Now I know Millennials are sharp, but apparently a number of them don’t think it’s worth their while to listen to a message that’s on their phone.

A savvy friend of mine (a Gen X’er like myself) pointed out that this mannerism actually makes sense – Millennials, he reminded me, are not just tech savvy but are also far more sociable than we X’ers tend to be. So while it may not make sense in terms of efficiency to NOT listen to phone messages, they are only following their nature of wanting to reach out to someone.

Things that make you go “hmmm…” (as well as “ugh”).