Reinforce Training for Free, Improve Your Standing

Recently I did some team building training with a group of managers and supervisors. Together we developed some new ideas on how to improve their effectiveness, along with them learning some new approaches to working with their teams. Since we trainers don’t always get the opportunity to reinforce and/or measure the impact of a session,…

Time and Your Reputation

One of the things I quite often include in leadership training is the need to set aside time specifically for planning. Yet after a recent exercise in frustration, I may need to include mention of setting aside time specifically for ensuring customer service – and ultimately your reputation. To explain…after a week of trying to…

Millennials and Phone Messages

One of the traits of Millennials that I find I’m “suffering” from is their seeming lack of checking phone messages before returning your call. Let me explain: My job quite often requires me to answer questions about the various programs at the college. Having been around the block a few times I know that the…

Get out there!

A warm and sunny day in the early spring. Why not make an employee’s day by having an impromptu 10-minute check-in on a bench outside to review how they feel they’re doing on their annual goals, and how you might help knock down any obstacles they’re facing?

Just Remember

It is better to regret having done something than regret not having done something. At least you have the experience, took the chance, and walked away with a lesson. And people will see you took action.