Are you a professional between 22 – 30-ish?  Having trouble getting clarity and traction in your career? You are not alone! This is an all-to-common feeling for young professionals, something we ourselves suffered though in our younger days.

With that in mind we developed the Down Set Start program, a short 6-session program that helps build confidence and clarity to the path you’re making for yourself.

Join us for 90 minutes on a weeknight every two weeks, meeting and working with others walking the same path.  Our meetings focus around:

1)    techniques to practice and master the most important skills for young professionals, as well as

2)    working on one particular goal of your choice, and

3)    building your professional network

We meet online bi-weekly for 75 – 90 minutes.  On “off” weeks everyone is expected to check in with an assigned group partner, rotating each time to build their network and check on each person’s personal progress.

Cost is just $300; that’s less than $60/session!

For details on the next available session, contact us below!

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