We love taking people to amazing places! Being away from the (home) office helps to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.


We have a variety of immersive programs from a half to 3 days long that center on leadership and personal development.


Our most popular are the “Leadership in the Battlefield” one- and two-day trips to Gettysburg and Antietam/Leesburg. We tour the battlefields in chronological order with a park guide, noting key engagements and their outcomes, and then discuss how they tie into the leadership decisions you may face tomorrow.  On the 2-day trip, we overnight near the battleground and spend the second day in a classroom setting to further draw out those lessons into your own strategic growth plan.


We also offer half and full day Team Building programs the Baltimore area in a rustic setting that can also include some light outdoor physical challenges. We can design these programs to fit your team’s specific needs, focusing on things such as SWOT plans, Myers-Briggs and DISC styling, customer centric training, and much more!    


For a deeper experience, we hold weekend and multi-day retreats in beautiful Alpine Lake, WV. These all-inclusive programs delve into the “why” and “who” we are, and how to make ourselves better people, partners, and leaders. Programs take advantage of the lake’s natural surroundings to help you connect with and develop your better self. While intensive, there is also free time to enjoy the resort’s amenities: golfing, pool and exercise room, hiking trails, fishing and canoeing.   


Send us a quick note in the form below to ask about details on these and how we can customize these programs to fit your unique needs.

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