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Down Set Lead! is a guide to the chronology of team leadership, all with a football motif and a few movie quotes thrown in for good measure! Rod takes his years of experience—from crazy HR investigations to leading a variety of teams in their strategic pursuit of improvement and shares this methodology for creating a well-oiled, high-performing team. Stories from the production floor, executive suite and gridiron meld to create this unforgettable lesson you can immediately implement in your organization. Joined by current and retired football players and coaches who offer their insights as well, Down Set Lead! is both an enjoyable and essential guide to becoming a better leader.

Book Excerpt:

“It begins with a commitment, the willingness to take time out of every day to take a bird’s eye view of your team’s situation and, whenever necessary, call an audible to make adjustments. Depending on your natural skill set this may be easy or not, but it’s doable by anyone who puts their mind to it. Just as a quarterback calls “down, set, hike,” every manager has the opportunity to reflect on how they get down, set themselves, and then lead into the issues of the day, and pull out a profitable and successful outcome that involves all the talents of the team. Or, in other words, “Down, Set, Lead”!”

What Readers Are Saying

“Down Set Lead” is a blueprint for workplace success. Rod’s new book is well paced, fun to read, and most importantly full of actionable advice for the workplace. Regardless of your industry or current role, I guarantee that you will find a plethora of takeaways that you will be able to implement immediately. Great work Rod! – Nick P. – Oceanside Creative Services

“Take this engaging journey with Rod Bourn, who succinctly outlines the fundamental principles of leadership and how to motivate your team for peak performance. His writing style is easy to absorb. When you reach the back cover you’ll want more, yet Rod has already given you everything you need to guide your team and enable them to deliver top line results.” – Donovan Murray, General Manager, Maryland Port Administration

“Down Set Lead is an entertaining and creative leadership book! Rod teaches the reader leadership skills through football metaphors, movie one liners, real life examples, and hands on actionable steps that helps you to win the leadership game in your business or in your life!” – Michelle B