Reinforce Training for Free, Improve Your Standing

Recently I did some team building training with a group of managers and supervisors. Together we developed some new ideas on how to improve their effectiveness, along with them learning some new approaches to working with their teams.

Since we trainers don’t always get the opportunity to reinforce and/or measure the impact of a session, I try to encourage the business leaders to do it themselves with a little bit of old-school MBWA (Management By Walking Around).

Having the organization’s leaders check in with each of the participants about a week later not only gets the top dogs out on the floor but it can help the supervisors reflect on their recent learnings. Specifically, the leaders asking the supes what new tactic they most recently used or were planning on using that week offers a chance for:

1) line managers getting face time with their leaders;

2) line managers recalling their recent learnings and planning to use them; and

3) leaders offering some on-the-spot coaching.

This can create a real win-win opportunity, as learning is reinforced and relationships and trust are further developed.